Unbiased expertise and robust research capabilities allows us to create a sound portfolio
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Family Office Services

Investment Management
  • RAAY investment management services are based on the unique requirements and mandate of the family.
    A professional team evaluates the needs based on the risk return matrix selected by the family, before chalking out a robust plan with a strict asset allocation principle.

    Capital appreciation with calculative risk should be the priority for every family office, and we assist the family achieve the same by offering solutions that achieve the right risk-return balance. Consistently maintaining a close track of the current market trends, we are able to unearth genuine investment opportunities for them.

    With our extensive network across some of the leading financial institutions, we ensure that there is a robust deal flow of the most lucrative opportunities in the market.
Advisory Services
  • The complexities of a family office require unbiased expertise to ensure that it achieves their set objectives.
    From estate planning to property matters, RAAY has the capability to assist the Patni family and create a sound portfolio.

    Our advisory assistance ranges from financial assets to real estate, and from listed equity to new generation early stage ideas

    Whether it is tax-planning, divestment, business succession or property matters, our team provides sound advice to assist the family navigate through the continuous complexity of the global market.
Estate/Trust Planning
  • A significant aspect for families is to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of wealth and assets to successive generations, while avoiding negative financial consequences to the family fortune.
    RAAY provides the right expertise to ensure streamlined estate and trust planning, articulating the family’s long-term goals, for the present generation and beyond.

    Transfer of wealth to successive generations requires an understanding of their family dynamics. We assist the family in the process, integrate their estate planning with tax, insurance and business plans and help bring your vision to reality.

    Our estate planning services includes
    arrow Reviewing existing estate documents
    arrow Will preparation; providing tax-effective strategies
    arrowTrust formation and management
    arrow Estate and insurance planning
    arrow Advisory services on mentoring closely-held companies
    arrow Executor role as family associates

Insurance Planning
  • Insurance is an indispensible tool for risk management; it helps create the right foundation and improve the overall protection of the family and the generations ahead.
    RAAY understands the importance of consistent insurance management while bringing cost-efficiency through economies of scale; bringing more value for every penny spent.

    We provide a simplified approach to dealing with insurance needs by bringing the best insurance offers from distribution partners that fulfils the unique requirements of the family, under one management system. RAAY helps create the right insurance sustainability plan based on family dynamics and needs.
Concierge Services
  • Concierge Services helps preserve a family’s most important
    asset: time.
    We look forward to facilitating the administrative burden by bringing our expertise in managing the small, yet important services that are needed. RAAY brings our team’s experience to assist the family in services like collecting art and other non-specific duties like family personnel management, managing travel plans, document storage etc.

    The suite of services are customized according to the family’s preferred level of assistance and aimed to exceed and go beyond their expectations.
Hedge Fund Investing
  • Hedge funds provide family offices with the opportunity to create a flexible trading strategy, based on their investment objectives.
    However, the market situation calls for intricate scrutiny of this popular investment option.

    Studies have shown that most families take up the ultimate decision of selecting the right investment options on their own, rather than depending on a consultant. However, while investing in hedge funds, the research and selection capability of the investment manager also plays a significant role in the performance of the investments.

    RAAY offers diverse hedge fund options, handpicked from some of the most successful financial collaborations, bringing their research collateral and market insights along with our team’s expertise to help achieve your investment objectives.
Mentoring Closely Held Businesses
  • Every business brings their unique set of challenges and distinct practices to grasp the best opportunities in the industry.
    We provide the right platform for families to discuss the intricacies of the business, communicating and understanding management issues and provide solutions for the same.

    At RAAY, We understand the importance of resolving inter-generational issues and cultivating strong relationships within the family. We evaluate the family’s distinct requirements that allow us to create accurate plans for them to mentor their businesses.

    Our amicable approach ensures that we are there to coach and provide the right direction for businesses. We provide:
    arrow The right networking opportunities with professionals from various

    arrow Mentoring and guiding families according to the present economy and

    arrow Seminars and discussions from eminent speakers and business leaders
    from similar businesses

Integrated Succession Planning
  • The success of every business is dependent on the present and future leaders of the organization.
    It is important to select the right individuals and form their career development plans, aligned with the future aspirations of the organization. Planning a successor, however, can be a challenging task in a family office.

    Our parentage includes the rich business heritage of Patni Group and their successful sale of business to iGate. Our live experience and practical learnings can over time provide to be an effective guide for other families as well.

    RAAY assists the family to bridge communication gaps and uncover future leaders who will continue the family’s business legacy and train them to take on the responsibilities of the organization. We provide the right direction and chalk out the strategy for families to assist them in creating an effective succession plan to ensure business continuity.
Educating Gen Next
  • Preparing the next generation is an important step in order to help them understand their responsibilities within the family and train them for the future.
    From evaluating their individual goals and aspirations, to creating the right opportunities and conditioning, we help families create an open communication channel with their children in order to optimize their wealth preservation and management.

    Presenting the current scenario of the organization and discussing their role and expectations can help create the right sustainability of business. With RAAY, the family can undertake the important discussion and the right path of training of the future generation that will
    arrow Allow effective decisions with family office executives
    arrow Create the right education platform for effective business

    arrow Evaluate their career path and build decision-making confidence
    arrow Assist in self-discovery and their standing within the family

Real Estate Advisory
  • RAAY brings the team's years of experience and expertise to assist family in making the best real estate investment decisions.

    Backed by industry knowledge and deep insights, we provide the most reliable and comprehensive property solutions based on the family requirements.

    A proactive approach ensures that we keep pace with the changing market dynamics while providing real estate advice.
Private equity opportunities
  • RAAY offers a customized approach to investing in private equity opportunities for the family’s needs.
    We assist by helping in building a strong, well-structured investment foundation in private equities.

    Over the years, we have established close networks with private equity providers and built deep analysis in the market trends and opportunities. Our global resource and unique business model brings value addition to the private equity investments.

    RAAY has a strong presence in the domestic venture capital space. We bring the best network capabilities and analytic skills to offer the most lucrative private equity options.
Angel Investing
  • Angel Investments are a critical part of any start-up ecosystem, providing the right support and opportunity to future entrepreneurs of the world.
    It brings the right mentorship and push to attract funding from venture capitalists in the future. However, becoming an angel investor is not meant for everyone, as much as people may want it to be.

    Angel Investing is a high-risk venture; the motivation should ideally be anything other than prominent return on investment. If you are keen on developing your business skills as an angel investor, it is important to create a systematic approach and build a balanced portfolio to increase your chances of return.

    RAAY brings the combination of experience and research capabilities to ensure that the family is provided with the best opportunities for investment in the start-up industry. We have created the right flux of openness and confidentiality to share ideas, investment opportunities and perspectives in order to create the right legacy for your family.
Social Impact Investing
  • Social impact investing brings together two of the most compelling opportunities in family offices: leveraging business investments in order to make a difference to the world.
    Members of the family can bring their experience and drive to build their legacy by working towards creating a social impact on society, the benefits that can be enjoyed by future generations.

    RAAY provides the right direction to the family and assists in identifying key partners and consultants in the relevant space of interest.